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Welcome to Caidy Marie Beauty. A place where everyone is welcome, fully pampered, and leaves feeling their most beautiful, confident self.
Established in 2013, Caidy Marie Beauty was designed with the idea in mind of creating an elevated guest experience, where relaxation is a top priority. From the moment you walk in the door, you will notice a calm and inviting atmosphere, complete with soothing music, softly lit candles, an array of greenery and a friendly welcoming. In being greeted by one of our salon professionals, you will be offered a choice of beverage including flavored lattes, imported espresso, choice of wine, hot tea or, one of our seasonal drinks such as a hard cider during the Fall months or specialty hot chocolate during the Winter months. You'll then receive a full tour of our salon so you can become familiarized with all of the services our team of professionals provide, where products are located in case you're interested in taking anything home with you that day, where the restroom is located should you need to use during your appointment and, where your scheduled service(s) will be performed at within the salon. During your appointment, your professional will complete a full consultation, prior to beginning any services, so you are fully aware of all steps that are to take place. From there, your professional will also walk through any products used, touch on any at home maintenance care that should take place, chat about future suggested appointments and, go over any questions you may have. Upon leaving the salon, your professional will walk you to the front desk, where you will then check out, review any products of interest and secure your next appointment. It is our mission at Caidy Marie Beauty to provide luxury service, experience and conversation, during your time at our salon, while on location at your wedding, and through phone and email conversation when booking. We take great pride our mission statement, and hope create this experience for you.

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