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Volume Weft Hair Extensions

Bellami Volume Weft Hair Extensions require no tape, glue or heat to create a volume-enhancing look. This application includes small natural hair strands being placed into a silicone bead, and then clamped down to secure into place. Nylon thread is then used to sew the Volume Weft into the hair for maximum coverage and density throughout the hair.
Hair Extension Type: Cuticle Remy Hair
Application Time: 2-4 hours
Reapplication: 4-5 weeks

Keratin Tip Hair Extensions

Bellami Keratin Tip (K-Tip) extensions are installed using a heating element which safely melts the Keratin Tips onto your own hair. This Keratin Tip is partially made of the same naturally occurring protein found in your hair, which allows the silicone additive to help create a protective coating for your natural hair strands. The Keratin Tips are bonded close to the roots of the hair, while allowing ample space in between the extension placement and scalp area, to create free movement of your hair, maintaining a natural layered texture and feel to the hair.
Hair Extension Type: Cuticle Remy Hair
Application Time: 4-6 hours
Reapplication: 16 weeks

I-Tip Hair Extensions

Bellami I-Tip extensions are installed by a strand-by-strand application, without using heat or glue. By threading each I-Tip Extension with a strand of the natural hair into a protective silicone lining bead, the hairs combined are then secured into place by clamping the bead onto the hair.
Hair Extension Type: Cuticle Remy Hair
Application Time: 2-4 hours
Reapplication: 4-5 weeks

Tape In Hair Extensions

Bellami’s Tape in Hair Extensions have a unique polyurethane adhesive tape that was developed and tested for over 3 years. The goal for this extension method was to create a secure and comfortable weft, while being worn by the guest. Application includes the hair being placed in between two Tape in Hair Extension pieces, creating realistic and natural density within the hair strands.
Hair Extension Type: Cuticle Remy Hair
Application Time: 1-1.5 hours
Reapplication Touch Up: 4-5 weeks

Clip in Hair Extensions

Bellami Clip in Hair Extensions instantly transforms your hair, allowing you to feel more confident with thicker, longer hair than ever. The extensions are made with the highest quality, 100% Remy human hair. Available in the widest range of colors, length and weight, they blend naturally with your own hair and can be easily styled with thermal tools and hair products. Perfect for everyday wear, the Clip in Hair Extensions also make a great length and volume additive to any special occasion look including bridal, photo shoot, pageant, prom, homecoming, or other event.

AQUA Hand Tied Weft

Aqua Hand Tied Weft is flat, flexible, and lays close to the scalp, while providing maximum density and volume. The hair weft itself is tied enitrely by hand, creating a more natural and overall feel. This complex initial intasll provides a versatile extension application that can be styled exactly like your natural hair.
Hair Extension Type: Cuticle Remy Hair
Application Time: 2-4 hours
Reapplication: 4-5 weeks

Hair Extension ​Maintenance and Recommendations

Avoid use of hot tools and alcohol-based products at the attachment point. Cleanse hair with sulfate free shampoo and sleep with hair tied in a loose braid/bun to keep hair strands intact. Use of a silk pillowcase may also help hair strands stay in place while sleeping. Brush hair with a detangling brush, beginning with the bottom hair strands and working your way up, while gently holding onto the top sections of the hair. Thourlly dry hair after being shampooed. Touch up visits and at home maintenance recommended by your Certified Bellami Extension Professional are to ensure proper care of both your natural hair, as well as extension hair. Hair extension applications cannot be guaranteed without following required protocol.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use styling tools on my hair extensions?
Yes you can! We always recommend applying heat protectant spray onto the hair first, and then brushing through for even distribution. You would never put your hand in an oven without an oven mitt, so you never want to put your hair through that same trauma. Protecting your luscious locks is a top priority to ensure maximum longevity to the hair extensions.
Can I shampoo my hair extensions?
Absolutely, try staying away from shampoos with sulfate in them and use hydrating conditioners! Leave-in conditioners and heat protectants will also help prolong your hair extension lifespan.
How often do I shampoo my hair extensions?
ONLY shampoo your hair extensions when they look like they absolutely need it! As they are not attached to your scalp, they don't receive the natural oils as our own hair does! So there is no need to wash them as often as you wash your own hair. If you’re someone that is used to shampooing everyday, check into some Dry Shampoo- it will become your best friend!
How long does the actual hair typically last before I should invest in new hair?
The lifespan of hair extensions is anywhere from 3 - 6 months, depending on their usage and how they are cared for and maintained at home.
My hair extensions are shedding, what do I do?
Some shedding is normal within the first couple wears, just like your own hair! But if you feel your hair extensions are shedding excessively, please feel free to contact us.
How long does my hair have to be to wear hair extensions?
We recommend 6 inches minimal to ensure a seamless blend is able to be created between the natural hair, and extension hair. But if your hair happens to be shorter and you would like to give it a try, we would still love to consult with you on what extension options we may be able to create for your hair!
What happens if I schedule a touch up extension appointment later than the recommended time frame?
To ensure the hair extensions are kept to the highest of quality, should you surpass your recommended touch up time frame, your Bellami Hair Extension Professional may have to reinstall your extensions, rather than just moving them up. Doing so will involve removal of all hair extensions, with reapplication of the extensions to follow. Depending on what type of condition of the hair extensions are in, new hair may be needed to continue extension applications. This is only to ensure the highly quality of service and care to both your natural hair and hair extensions. Pricing for extended touch up visits, removal, reintilation, additional hair, etc. will vary depending on the condition of the natural hair and hair extensions. Please note that should you surpass the recommended time frame to have your hair extensions removed, an increased price may also apply, as this will require more product, supplies and time for proper removal.

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